Sample Staff Nursing Resume Two Pages

Like our one page staff nursing resume, this sample nursing resume is also divided into different sections to easily highlight an eclectic nursing experience.

The sections in this nursing resume example can be rearranged to highlight specific aspects of your career.

You’re more than welcome to customize and edit this sample nursing resume to fit your own nursing experience.

You can also take another nursing resume template example from this site, combine it with this nursing resume template to produce your own unique nursing resume.

Sample Nursing Resume - Staff Nursing Resume

Sample Nursing Resume - Staff Nursing Resume

 Sample Nursing Resume – Staff Nurse Resume pg1


-800 Forest St. Helena, MT 55555


-Dedicated and patient-focused Registered Nurse with proven expertise in acute care, staff development, and family advocacy.
-Exceptional capacity to multitask: manage competing priorities with ease while fostering delivery of superior patient care.
-Solid administrative and referral experience include admissions, assessment, treatment, referral, and education for broad range of patients.
-Widely recognized as an excellent care provider and patient advocate.
-Demonstrated ability to forge, lead, and motivate outstanding healthcare teams that provide top-quality patient care.
-Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills; superior accuracy in patient history, charting, and other documentation.

-Certifications and Proficiencies
-Ventilator Care, Telemetry, Intravenous therapy, Phlebotomy, Basic life support, Med/Surg, ICU and CCU, ER Procedures, Triple Lumen CVP, AV fistulas, Care Plan Administration, NG/Sump and Peg tubes, Patient/family education, Training and inservices, Meditech documentation


-REEDEMER HOSPITAL, Kennings, Montana
-2004 – Present
-Staff Nurse Intensive Care Unit
Serve as charge nurse caring for patients with life-threatening illnesses, including acute congestive heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, drug overdose, massive trauma, respiratory failure, and disseminated intravascular coagulopathy. Promote health and support patients and families in coping with illness. Skilled in bedside monitoring, 12-lead EKG, and Bennett 7600 ventilator.
-Provide strong contributions as key member of unit quality assurance program designed to identify and evaluate problems, manage patient census, and allocate staff assignments.
-Exhibit motivation and dedication by providing the highest quality of care to each patient.

-WEST MEDICAL CENTER, Kennings, Montana
-2001 – 2004
-Emergency Staff Nurse
-Provided care for patients suffering from trauma, acute chest pain, respiratory failure/complaints, drug overdoses, and gastrointestinal bleeds. Acquired and recorded patient information. Prepared patients for surgical and radiological procedures, initiated and maintained intravenous therapy, and operated 12-lead EKG.
-Contributed substantially to successful JCAHO accreditation within the department.
-Implemented and coordinated ongoing staff education program.


Sample Nursing Resume – Staff Nurse Resume pg2


-1996 – 2000
-Registered Nurse
-Delivered a complete range of RN services and expertise.
Accurately obtained and documented patient history and medication
lists, assessed individual conditions and needs, as well as
selected department referrals for acute and chronically ill
patients. Prepared equipment; assisted physicians during patient
examinations and treatments. Monitored patient reactions to drugs
and carefully documented progress of individuals participating in
clinical trials.
-Repeatedly commended by patients and supervisors for outstanding
quality of care; received consistent mention in care-survey
-Maintained a high degree of accuracy to achieve optimal patient
acuity monitoring.
-Significantly improved facility’s public image by ensuring
exceptional patient satisfaction.

-1994- 1996
-Registered Nurse
-Provided triage, referrals, direct nursing care, and medication
administration to incarcerated population.
-Organized and managed regular clinics involving external physicians, including
ophthalmology, ENT, Med/Surg, orthopedics, podiatry professionals.
Scheduled and managed external medical consultations in concert
with security and other necessary personnel. Created, managed, and
maintained patient medical and health records.
-Selected to serve as Infection Control Coordinator, maintaining
tuberculosis and hepatitis standards, and conducted screenings and

preventive activities.
-Organized and facilitated meetings with Security Managers to
ensure infection-control policy compliance.


-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN (1993)
-ST. Thomas UNIVERSITY – Harrold, Wyoming
-Registered Nurse (RN), State of Wyoming

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