Sample LPN Resume Two Pages 1

This sample nursing resume does a nice job in breaking down the experience of an LPN into different healthcare settings.

This LPN resume features the work of an LPN who has worked in hospitals, physicians’ offices, nursing homes and home healthcare.

This is a good nursing resume example for those who are looking how to communicate their experience in different settings.

You’re more than welcome to customize and edit this sample nursing resume to fit your own nursing experience.

You can also take another nursing resume template example from this site, combine it with this nursing resume template to produce your own unique nursing resume.

Sample Nursing Resume – LPN Resume Example

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Sample Nursing Resume - Two Page LPN Resume

LPN Resume Pg 1


Sample Nursing Resume - Two Page LPN Resume

LPN Resume Pg 2


Sample Nursing Resume – LPN Resume

-Loise J. Menifee, LPN
-100 Purple Lane
-Sulphur, MD 22222
-(444) 555-5555

-Professional Overview

-Dedicated and well-qualified healthcare professional with
hospital, nursing home, home healthcare, and doctor’s office
-Excel in hardworking independently, professionally managing
caseloads, and setting priorities.
-A dependable and knowledgeable professional whose attention to
detail in documentation and chart maintenance led to an award of
Outstanding Contributions to Patient Education.
-Highly adaptive, flexible style; efficiently and competently work
with diverse patient populations.
-Demonstrate a solid understanding of regulatory compliance and an
ability to skillfully navigate the Medicare and Medicaid systems.
-Skill strengths include:
-Diabetic education, Child psychiatric outpatient, Geriatric care &
administration, Pediatric care, Post surgical & wound care

-Credentials: Maryland # LP99999; Commonwealth of Virginia LP #
-Certifications: IV Therapy, Intensive Coronary Care, CPR

-Highlights of Professional Experience

-Hospital ICU, ER, and Med-Surgical Unit
-Secured a position as a Nurse Tech at an 80-bed facility while
completing nursing school.
-Acquired cross-functional training in acute care, orthopedics, and
-Assisted with direct delivery of patient care and self-management
education in pre/post-op environment.
-Instrumental in setting the standards for 12-hourshift scheduling,
initiating the program in cooperation with another LPN.
-Selected to complete Intensive Coronary Care to support two ICUs.
-Private Physicians’ Office
-Instrumental in helping a doctor of internal medicine build a
private practice from 10 to more than 3,000 patients in the first
two years of practice.
-Demonstrated outstanding organization and time-management skills
in tending more than 40 patients daily.
-Independently completed all initial assessments; charted medical
stats, symptoms, and medications; instructed patients in health
self-management; called in prescription orders.
-Administered a compassionate level of patient care, directly
contributing to ongoing patient referrals and sustained growth of
the practice.

Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Facilities
-Delivered comprehensive geriatric nursing care to patients at a
240-bed residential facility. Began employment as a full-time GNA;
transitioned from part-time while pursuing LPN certificate.
-Supervised a team of four to six GNAs assigned to a unit of a 180
-bed geriatric facility; coordinated daily schedule; managed
orientation and staff managements.
-Mastered, through on-the-job training, the care of comatose/near-
comatose ventilator-dependent patients in a 100-bed rehabilitation

-Home Healthcare / Private Duty Nursing
-Held the unique distinction of being the only LPN in the home-care
division of a rural hospital to deliver in-home medical services to
recent discharges. Visited up to eight patients daily, managing
nursing care plans and serving as a liaison between the patient and
the hospital medical staff. Performed venipunctures, IV therapy,
enteral feeding, and decubitus care; made recommendations for
discharge plans.
-Provided intensive minute-by-minute private-duty nursing to an
adolescent ALD (adrenoleukodystrophy) patient. Performed seizure
precautions and procedures; administered PEG feedings and intense
physical therapy.
-Currently providing overnight private-duty nursing for an 18-
month-old with multiple birth complications. Monitor respiratory
status; administer gastrostomy tube feeding; serve as a liaison
between the parents and the medical community.

-Employment History

-Home Health Nurse
-Professional Nursing Services, Catonsville, MD
-Dr. Margaret Price, Charleston, WV
-Private Duty Nurse
-Lorenzo Gonzales, Fairfax, VA
-Woodbine Rehabilitation Center, Alexandria, VA
-Nurse Supervisor
-Life Care Center, Middleton, VA
-LPN / Home Health Nurse
-Baker Memorial Hospital, Luray, VA
-Clearview Nursing Home, Luray, VA


-Licensed Practical Nursing Certification
-Jackson Technical School, Charlottesville, VA
-Luray High School, Luray, VA

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