Nursing Resume Examples, Templates And Tips

Nursing Resume Overview

Writing a nursing resume has come a long way since I graduated from nursing school in the mid 90′s.

Back then I landed interviews and jobs by having a simple resume that had an objective, and a section that listed my nursing experience.

When I first graduated from nursing school though, I had a hard time writing what I called, my nursing student resume.

All I could include in this nursing resume was my nursing clinicals and my experience as a nursing assistant, but at the time I wasn’t sure how to do that.

As I got more experience in the field, it was easier to add relevant experience to my nursing resume, but writing resumes has never been a favorite task of mine.

Back then the internet was just beginning, so I spent a lot of time at the library looking at nursing resume templates, and I would model my resume after those templates.

Nowadays the web offers a lot of nursing resume examples and that makes it easier to find sample nursing resumes which can be customized to reflect your own nursing experience.

Nursing Resume – My Favorite Type

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nursing resume example

Basic Nursing Resume Template

Although there are many types of resumes out there, my favorite nursing resume template is a combination of two resumes: the targeted resume and the reverse chronological resume.

Merged into one, many call it the targeted, reverse chronological resume.

A targeted resume highlights specific experience that is relevant to the job you’re applying for.

If you’re applying for a pediatric nursing position for example, you don’t want to emphasize details about a psychiatric unit experience, unless the job is for a pediatric mental unit.

The reverse chronological resume simply lists your job history in a reverse chronological order.

The combination of the two results into a resume that provides the reader a format which communicates your skills, accomplishments and experience in an easy to read and review format.

However, you can pick and choose what sections to have on your resume and depending on your background and experience, other formats might be best suited to represent your specific situation.

Targeted Reverse Chronological Resume Sections

The targeted, reverse chronological resume has the following sections:

Caption: This section includes your name, address, phone number and email address.

Objective Statement: This states what you want in the position and what you can do. Instead of an objective statement though, I prefer to have an executive summary, since this looks more professional and unique.

Example of a simple objective statement:
Full-time registered nurse position in pediatric unit

Example of a simple executive summary:
Extensive experience in pediatric clinical settings providing care to infants, children and adolescents.

That’s just a brief example, but executive summaries can be 3 to 4 sentences long and they summarize your experience and what you bring to the table to an employer in a concise, powerful way.

That’s why I prefer them over a cliché objective statement.

Qualifications Summary: A 5 to 10 line statement describing in your skills and it highlights how they relate to the position you’re applying for.

Entry level nursing candidates might choose to omit this section as they might not yet have extensive skills to write in this section.

Professional Experience: This section contains relevant experience to the job in a reverse chronological order.

Always remember to be consistent in this section. If you start with the employer’s name, always list the employer’s name first.

For example, for your first employer don’t start with your job title and then for the second employer, you list the employer’s name first, instead of your job title. Keep it consistent.

Education: List your colleges and universities in this section.

Other relevant sections: Professional memberships, Honor/Awards, Volunteering experience.

However, if you have religious or political experience, keep it generic.

Obviously, you can format your resume as you wish, but the sections above are just basic sections that I had in many of my nursing resumes, since they conveyed my qualifications and experience in a simple way.

Many employers nowadays now ask you for a text file of your nursing resume and as an example, I’m including the text below of how a plain text nursing resume should look like.

Notice that there are no bullets or any type of special characters in it.

Nursing Resume Example In Plain Text

-Candace Smith, R.N.

-902 Saturn Street, City, State 99999
-(555) 555-555

-Dedicated registered nurse seeking a position with a large medical center

-Professional Experience

-Senior Clinical Staff Nurse, Telemetry Unit
-St Louis Hospital, Sample City, ST
-Date – Present
-Provide pre- and post care for 8-11 patients undergoing cardiac–catherization and Electroyphysiological Studies, pacemaker and AICD implantations, MI screenings, and anticoagulant therapy.
-Closely monitor patients to identify signs of arrhythmias and other life-threatening complications.
-Administer medications and hang drips; prepare patients for TEE, echocardiography, and stress tests; and perform clinical procedures utilizing non-invasive monitoring equipment (EKG/defribulator).
-Work collaboratively with surgeons and cardiologist to discuss patients’ conditions and medical needs.
-Facilitate the recovery process through patient and family education with the focus on pre/post operative procedures, prevention, medication, and pain management techniques.
-Collaborate with medical professionals to establish a Plan of Care for all patients at point of discharge.

-Registered Nurse, Medical-Surgical Unit
-Mercy Hospital, Sample City, ST
-Date – Date
-Provided quality nursing care for up to eleven pre- and post-operative and orthopedic patients
-Performed total patient assessments on diverse patient populations transferred from ER or directly admitted.
-Acted as a liaison for patients and physicians to address problems and patient/family concerns.
-Served as a patient advocate to ensure that patients’ medical and emotional needs are recognized and met.
-Facilitated the recovery process through the coordination of discharge planning in collaboration with physicians, care managers, nurses, nutritionists, physical/occupational therapists, and social workers.
-Precepted new nurse, and educated patients/family in areas of prevention, medication, and pain management.


-The University of Chihuahua
-Bachelor of Nursing, Year


-Chihuahua State Registered Nurse #55555-5
-Basic Life Support (BLS)
-Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)


-Member, Nurses Association of Chihuahua

The objective statement in this nursing resume example is very basic and I only have it there as an example, but that should change depending on the specific job you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that I do prefer an executive summary over an objective, but for those in the nursing profession less than a year, an objective might be good enough in your nursing resume.